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Today we are going to talk about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a game that took on many risk. The traditional dungeons were gone and were replaced by 120 smaller-sized puzzle shrines, and a couple of slightly larger Divine Beasts. This led to the change to weapons that deteriorated as they were used, changing an important aspect of the identity of Zelda as a result. Breath Of The Wild was the first game to bring Zelda into the age of modernity and transformed Hyrule into an open world. It was a sprawling and lavish area with a wealth of hidden treasures.

These alterations in the formula eventually resulted in a successful conclusion. Breath of the Wild preserved the series's amazing sense of wonder, all the while pushing the franchise into an amazing, thrilling new direction that emphasizes the freedom of exploration. It's not only the greatest Zelda game (and Switch game) It's also arguably the best game ever made. Nintendo is also developing an immediate successor to Breath of the Wild which we're excited for.

Link's Awakening The first handheld entry in the series evolved from an adaptation from The Link to the Past into the most bizarre entry of the cult series. It featured cameos from Kirby and an original SimCity persona, as well as two-dimensional sections with sides crolling that Link rides onto Goombas, Link's Awakening featured an experimental style that oozed the charm. Switching Hyrule with Koholint Island, the legend of zelda: twilight princess was a cult classic that established it as an original and daring foray into adventure games that could be played on a portable device. Since its release in 1993 on the Game Boy, Link's Awakening has been re-released twice in two remakes. It was released in 1998. Koholint Island was doused with colors in Link's Awakening's DX.

It's actually that Switch remake that prompted us to launch Link's Awakening from the fifth position on our list, to two. It's been updated with a fresh design that make the inhabitants on Koholint Island resemble adorable toy dolls, Link's Awakening on Switch is absolutely adorable.

Nintendo has updated more than just its graphics. A more efficient inventory system allows Link to carry more than two active items in one go. There are many Heart Pieces and Secret Seashells to discover. The more sophisticated game's scavenger hunt is well supported by the map pin system that was that is derived in Breath of The Wild. Link's Awakening was always awe-inspiring However, the Switch remake makes it the most top-down Zelda game ever produced.

The second most top-down entry within the series The Legend of Zelda An Link to the Past brought back the fundamental design that made the initial NES game such a memorable experience. With stunning 16-bit graphics that are still dazzling to this day, A Link to the Past introduced the idea of parallel worlds to the series. The first was called The Light World, the idyllic land of Hyrule and there was the Dark World, a mirrored version of the Dark World with dark features and altered characters due to Ganon's removal of the Triforce.

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